Saturday, March 19, 2016

Happy 10th Birthday!

10 years ago today I made this blog. I was in my first year at Sheridan and all the other students rocked one so I had to as well. I took it very seriously. Now I don't use it since Tumblr and Facebook have infinitely more traffic but I am still very fond of my blog. Thank you for all the good times and great memories.


Arzu Fallahi said...

It still have visitors:D. I abandoned my blog too, it was good times and very good community.

Zach Heckert said...

I still use Blogger because I'm a disgusting loaf and I'm not ready to abandon all the history I have there. I've posted twice on Tumblr and have every intention of filling it up... Someday. I tell myself when I get my first "Real" job I'll start posting on Tumblr. Or when I hit 666 posts.

And I still come back here and creep on your old stuff sometimes. It's fun watching you grow!